Welcome to The 145 (Celebrating the Power & Magic of Music)

Welcome to The 145 and our inaugural column. The 145 is an online music and culture magazine that intends to preach the Gospel of music. There is air. There is water. There is food. And there is music. The four essential elements to life. Arguably, one could offer love as a fifth necessary element, but how often do we really live immersed in love?


Our goal at The 145 is tell the story of music, from its history to its present place in society. Our focus will be the modern era, specifically the time just prior to World War Two when electronic advances first began to bring music to the masses on a regular basis, but it’s the classic rock era, from 1964 to 1991 that deserves the bulk of our attention. But to properly tell the stories of modern music we’ll also delve into the history – good and bad – of culture and music that preceded it all.


Without music, life would indeed be a mistake and at The 145 we’re going to spend our energies trying to remind all of us just how important music is to us all. Art as powerful to the human spirit as music deserves a better place than rolling around in some cheap earbuds while on a train. That’s not to say that listening on cheap earbuds doesn’t have its place in our lives, but there is more to the majesty and miracle of music.